Our firm has integrated to its activities the liabilities of Basel, IMO, ILO, HONG KONG and SRR agreements, EU Directive and the national Environmental and OHS Regulations, which are pertinent to the goal of our firm and its strategic aspect ; and national Environmental and OHS Regulations which affect the ability to be able to reach the result/results of ship dismantling standards management systems and in which the conditions of the related parties are stipulated in terms of internal and external matters; the international agreements concerning recycling in which our country is a party to (BASEL-ILO, IMO, HONG KONG and SRR etc); and EU Ship Recycling Regulations, the Regulations of Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) in terms of Environment and OHS.

The application-oriented processes, procedures, instructions and related documents are composed and the legal necessities are performed; the waste is decomposed at its source, hazardous waste disposal is carried out by authorized firms by means of GEMİSANDER, OHS and environmental survey (noise, vibration, emission, dust, sea water and earth analyses) are carried out by means of accredited bodies and GEMİSANDER and necessary precautions are taken in case of exceeding values/lack of conformity; relevant legislation is taken into consideration in terms of OHS, environmental and integrated management systems and its legal conformity are continuously checked.

The legislative regulations concerning OHS and environment are reviewed by the responsible manager. In case of publication of amendment/abolishment, the assessment of regularity compliance is defined and published in a form. The responsible manager makes it put into practice.

Through the activities of disintegration, dismounting and sorting of scrap ships or floating structures with the intent of recycling, the sale of scrap tin and metals are enabled to be sold to iron and steel industry as raw material and to ship or floating structure building or yacht building industries as reusable electric-electronic-mechanical deck installation and equipment. Within this framework customer satisfaction is measured and the increase in customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

In the matter of the inventories of radiation, gas free and waste which is compulsory in advance of dismantling of scrap ship or floating structures, service is taken from the Gemi Geri Dönüşüm Sanayicileri Derneği (Association of Ship Recycling Industrials) and from the institutions which have the necessary permit and licence.

Service for occupational health and safety is received from the chartered Joint Health and Safety Unit, and consultancy is taken from the Tehlikeli Maddeler Güvenlik Danışmanlığı (Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy) Company, and service for waste management is received from the Gemi Geri Dönüşüm Sanayicileri Derneği (Ship Recycling Industrialists Association).

The need for the training of the employees and their competence in terms of integrated management system, OHS and environment are coordinated by the Joint Health and Safety Unit and the Ship Recycling Industrialists Association

The necessary equipment for fire, occupational accident, marine pollution which might occur during the operations and for natural disaster preparedness is provided. The employees’ natural disaster preparedness is ensured during the applications.

Material and coordination service and support are received from GEMİSANDER.

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