In order to reach our goals through our operations, we guarantee;


To meet the needs and expectations of the related parties by using appropriate engineering and methods in the recycled ships;

To meet the current regulatory requirements concerning environment and occupational health and safety;

To comply with and implement the standards of IMO/ILO Guidelines, BASEL and HONG KONG Conventions and EU Ship Recycling Regulation;

To sustain a quality-environmental and workers’ health and safety management system which is supported by our firm, which is adopted and implemented by our employees, which is controlled, scrutinized, which is monitored by the community, and which supports and is suitable to the goal and the context of our operations;

To monitor the performance of our policy in terms of accomplishing the objective, and to take precautions to eliminate imperfections.


To understand the customer requirements and to meet the customer satisfaction by meeting those requirements;

To carry out the applicable rules;

To provide continuous improvement for the quality management system;

To create an environment that is collaborative and open to change, together with all the employees;


To prevent environmental pollution and to ensure environmental protection in our operations;

To raise environmental consciousness in our employees and monitor them,

To improve the management system continuously in order to improve environmental performance;

To contribute to energy saving and to reducing the use of natural sources in our operations;

And to be prepared for emergency situations.


To provide the safe and healthy working environment in order to prevent physical injuries and unhealthy conditions in our field of activity;

To raise the consciousness of our employees at every level in order for them to protect their health and safety, and to monitor them;

To control the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks by using the hierarchy of control, and to eliminate and mitigate the dangers;

To provide the continuous improvement of the management system in order to increase the OHS performance;

To ensure that workers’ representatives are consulted and their participation is encouraged during the decision-making process of the OHS management system;

To be prepared for emergency situations;

To create an environment that is collaborative and open to change, together with all the employees;



In terms of Ship Recycling Activities, we guarantee;

To define and assess the environmental and occupational health and safety risks including the working conditions of the employees and the social opportunities provided to them;

To define and monitor the national and international legal regulations and necessities concerning environmental and occupational health and safety;

To provide the effective control of the waste obtained from ship dismantling activities;

To ensure raising awareness in the employees and educating them;

And to create a safe working environment by way of locating emergency situations in environmental and occupational health.